Sunday, May 4, 2014

Vietnam trip 3

3 day in Vietnam, today will be a buys day because we have a boat trip to Halong Bay.. =D 
very excited!!! however, wake up in the early morning is really not a piece of cake for me =( 
alarm rang at 6am to wake me up, and then we gather at 730am.. 
as usual, having breakfast in the hotel.. 
after breakfast, we depart to Halong Bay Jetty, which is just 1 mins drive from the hotel.. very near =)
before get to the boat, and let's selfie.. =D
the guy who hoding the camera is an expert, i like all the photo he shoot during the trip..
then, we proceed to Halong Bay, which took around 20 minutes.. 
the jetty at Halong Bay.. 
the weather was a bit humid and cold, that's why there was mist in the picture.. 
the place was very beautiful, and it was listed under UNESCO Heritage Site and also 7 wonders of nature in the world.. 
a great place for us to photo shooting ya.. =D
 photo of 3 tourism little cuties..!! =D
and what we like to do at there is jumping shoot.. =D

Panorama at Halong Bay.. love this shoot very much! =P
next, we visited to the cave at Halong Bay.. forget the name xp
it was people mountain people sea in the cave, we walked very slowly because it is quite slippery as well.. 
then, after visited to the cave, we proceed further in Halong Bay.. 
it tooks around 2 hours boat trip to reach another island..
 it was the great time for us to photo shooting along the boat trip..=D
legs of 2 tourism cuties. =D
lovely weather and make me dont feel like want to go back to Malaysia.. =( i am sorry
when we arrived at the island, it was so disappointing because there was no as fun as what the tour guide described, we just climbed to the top of the hill and watch the panoramic view of whole Halong Bay.. actually we paid for USD20 for those recreational activities as mentioned by the tour guide, such as swimming and kayaking at there.. but then every activities cancel because the place was too crowded (as it was listed under 7 wonders of nature on last year).. however, we did not get our refund, but just A PIECE OF POSTCARD!! very disappointing and upset, we felt like get cheated as well.. 
at night, we spent our last night with the Vietnamese traditional show, Water puppet.. it was my first time watch the show and it was so awesome.. big clap for the workers who have sank their almost half body in the water for the show..
~~~~~ the end ~~~~~

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