Sunday, May 4, 2014

Vietnam trip 3

3 day in Vietnam, today will be a buys day because we have a boat trip to Halong Bay.. =D 
very excited!!! however, wake up in the early morning is really not a piece of cake for me =( 
alarm rang at 6am to wake me up, and then we gather at 730am.. 
as usual, having breakfast in the hotel.. 
after breakfast, we depart to Halong Bay Jetty, which is just 1 mins drive from the hotel.. very near =)
before get to the boat, and let's selfie.. =D
the guy who hoding the camera is an expert, i like all the photo he shoot during the trip..
then, we proceed to Halong Bay, which took around 20 minutes.. 
the jetty at Halong Bay.. 
the weather was a bit humid and cold, that's why there was mist in the picture.. 
the place was very beautiful, and it was listed under UNESCO Heritage Site and also 7 wonders of nature in the world.. 
a great place for us to photo shooting ya.. =D
 photo of 3 tourism little cuties..!! =D
and what we like to do at there is jumping shoot.. =D

Panorama at Halong Bay.. love this shoot very much! =P
next, we visited to the cave at Halong Bay.. forget the name xp
it was people mountain people sea in the cave, we walked very slowly because it is quite slippery as well.. 
then, after visited to the cave, we proceed further in Halong Bay.. 
it tooks around 2 hours boat trip to reach another island..
 it was the great time for us to photo shooting along the boat trip..=D
legs of 2 tourism cuties. =D
lovely weather and make me dont feel like want to go back to Malaysia.. =( i am sorry
when we arrived at the island, it was so disappointing because there was no as fun as what the tour guide described, we just climbed to the top of the hill and watch the panoramic view of whole Halong Bay.. actually we paid for USD20 for those recreational activities as mentioned by the tour guide, such as swimming and kayaking at there.. but then every activities cancel because the place was too crowded (as it was listed under 7 wonders of nature on last year).. however, we did not get our refund, but just A PIECE OF POSTCARD!! very disappointing and upset, we felt like get cheated as well.. 
at night, we spent our last night with the Vietnamese traditional show, Water puppet.. it was my first time watch the show and it was so awesome.. big clap for the workers who have sank their almost half body in the water for the show..
~~~~~ the end ~~~~~

Monday, April 28, 2014

Vietnam trip 2

on the next day, we have our delicious breakfast at the hotel.. 
surprisingly, a 3 star hotel prepared variety of foods for their customers and we felt so great to have so rich breakfast.. =)

the dessert looked very attractive!! =D 
after breakfast, a short walk outside the street.. it was so cold until there was smoke came out when we talking.. =D 
1. One Pillar Pagoda.. 
first stop was the One pillar Pagoda, very famous at Hanoi.. 
very unique temple, it is also one of the two most iconic temple in Hanoi.. 

2. Presidential Palace 
the rules of the place was so strict, and we are restricted to bring cameras or bag into the palace.. @@ so we left our belonging to the tour guide before we go in.. when we walk in, we need to line up in 2 lines.. 
the outview.. 

3. Temple of Literature
It is the temple of Confucius in Hanoi, and also the Vietnam first national university.. 

selfie! =D 

4. Local Restaurant (forget the name.. XP)

the taste of the foods are quite Vietnamese.. sometime abit spicy.. @@
after makan, a long journey drive from Hanoi to Halong Bay, which took for four hours.. 
we had a good nap in the bus.. watching the mist at the window, and it was only 16th degree outside.. very chilling, and miss the weather very much.. 
the time we reach Halong Bay was about 7pm.. so time for makan again.. how to be not fat? TT 
then we went to night market for shopping.. =D 
bought some local products for friends and family, scarf and legging because i did not expect the weather can be so cold.. @@
at night, we stayed at BMC Thang Long Hotel.. it it quite near to the night market we went just now..
hotel room is big and comfortable.. =)
~~~~~ the end ~~~~~

Monday, April 21, 2014

Vietnam trip 1

since i am a tourism student, so planning itinerary or bringing a tour is what we should learn.. 
on my 3rd semester in Berjaya University, there was a heavy task for us, which is organised a tour package, and it was not as easy as i think.. =( 
but during travelling, we just enjoy to the max and 4gt everythimg =D
our flight departure at 7pm, so we arrive KLIA at 4pm to gather and meet up with our clients..
yes we have clients, 6 clients somemore.. =) clap for ourself hard work.. =D i heard that our senior did not get so much client before.. xp 
we using the Vietnam Airline for the trip, and it was my first time to fly with this airline as well.. =)
very excited about the experience..
before get into the international immigration hall, say goodbye to him.. =) thanks for sending us at the airport.. see u after 4 days.. hehe
holiday mode is on, so i wan to eat as much as i can to release my stress on that time!!!!!!!
before departure, a group photo of us..
we wearing the Tourism Club t-shirt as required by the lecturer.. =)
it was a good idea because we can spot our people easily later in the airport.. =D
delicious meal on board..
 the time we arrived was drizzling at Hanoi..
it was so chilling and the temperature is only 10 something..
we have our supper at the small shop beside the hotel..
the smell and the smoke from the food attracted us to come here..
how wonderful to have a hot meal in a cooling night.. =)
 the table and the chair so pendek !! hahaha.. so cute to see them eat like this..
Vietnamese chicken noodle.. they call this as Pho.. when we ordered the food, we saw they sell brains as well.. TT so the time we eating, we eat slowly.. the taste was quite nice.. it is only 40,000VND, around RM6..
after makan and then we back to hotel.. we stayed at Hong Ngoc Cochinchin Hotel, very comfortable and clean room =D
~~~~~ the end ~~~~~

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Doreamon Expo..

Doreamon is finally 100 years old, and there was a exhibition all about Doreamon's story in Viva Mall.. 100 Doreamons were displayed at the exhbition, and it was the first in Southeast Asia, which last for only 3 months.. 
entrance fee for adult will be RM25, children below 12 years old will be only RM15.. 
good news is that senior citizens over 60 years old will be FREE!! 
so lets start the tour by the time machine!! =D
this is how the Doreamon looks like before.. after the ear eaten by the rat, he kept on crying for 3 days until the tear wash of the yellow color, and that's why Doreamon is blue color i just know why Doreamon is fear of mice..
anyhere door, please bring me to Japan!!! =D
 so he wear the same color as Doreamon to show the great support!! =D
let's kissing (>^@^>)!! hehehe
ahh! i found the bread that i always like to have during my exam.. with the bread and i can memorize everything on book.. such a good food in the world!! 
then, i entered to the church and witness Nobita and Shizuki marriage!!
ah? door on wall can be opened ?? so cute!!
i dont know what the uncle's name, but i know Nobita always get scolded by him.. hahaha
great and fun day at the exhibition.. =)
~~~~~ the end ~~~~~

Saturday, April 19, 2014

day trip at Putrajaya! =D

4 more days to go to 23rd of the month.. time really pass so fast, and now i just can recalling what was happening on 23th last month..
the night before 23rd, we went to Tour Les Jours for the first try seen it opened.. the cakes and buns look so attractive but a bit pricey.. @@
spend our great night at there, and love the environment very much!
on 23rd March, he planned to bring me a day trip to Putrajaya as he went there before, he can be my tour guide that day.. =D and he loves the place so much! the thing he likes, there must be a reason..

after the trip, i also fall in love with the place, because the environment is very clean, secure, and the people are quite nice! the most important thing is because the transportation at there are very convenient, like the public bus to city is only RM1..

after arrive at Putrajaya Train Station, we use the public bus and went to the Botanical Park..
people like to cycling in the park, and we rent a bicycle for 1 hour, cost RM4 (weekday will be cheaper, only RM2).. it was so enjoy to cycle around.. =)
there are many attractions in the park, and this is one of it.. entrance fee to the mosque is only RM3..
then we cycle around in the park, it is quite big compound.. peace love rock 'n' roll!!!! 
tiring evening, and i almost 'heatstroke' <= 中暑 (translated by Google)
it was really not a good idea to cycle under the hot sun.. yet it was still great fun and great experience..
after the hard work, we had our lunch at Agriculture Park.. he said the Satay and Pataya Fried Rice are quite nice..  
great and fun day at Putrajaya.. =)
~~~~~ the end ~~~~~